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The Coming of God

What does 'Cao Đài' mean?

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Caodai, divine eye, God







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Liturgical Calendar

According to the Book of Prayers/ Kinh Thiên-Đạo và Thế-Đạo (Tòa-Thánh Tây-Ninh, 1975), the following ceremonies and holy days are held at all temples. These ceremonies follow the lunar calendar, except for the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth (Christmas) in December and that of Đức Nguyệt-Tâm Chơn-Nhơn (Victor Hugo) on May 22nd.

  • 1 Month 1: Celebration of Tết Ngươn Đán / Lunar New Year (The return of Divine Beings) 

  • 9 Month 1: The Supreme Being’s Day, God (Đức Chí Tôn, Đức Cao Đài) 

  • 15 Month 1: Thượng Ngươn Ceremony (Beginning of year, or the start of the first-third of the year)

  • 15 Month 1: Ngài Trương Tiếp-Pháp’s Day (to commemorate the late Juridical Legislator)

  • 22 Month 1: Ngài Trần Khai-Pháp’s (to commemorate the late Juridical Reformer)

  • 29 Month 1: Phối-Thánh Bùi-Ái-Thoại’s Day (to commemorate Saint Bùi Ái Thoại)

  • 15 Month 2: Đức Thái Thượng Lão-Quân’s Day, the founder of Daoism (to commemorate His Holiness Taishang Laojun)

  • 19 Month 2: Đức Phật Quan-Âm’s Day (to commemorate Her Holiness Quan Yin) 

  • 1 Month 3: His Holiness Cao Thượng-Phẩm’s Day (to commemorate the late Head of Spiritual Affairs)

  • 26 Month 3: His Holiness Cao Thượng-Sanh’s Day (to commemorate the late Head of Temporal Affairs)

  • 8 Month 4: Đức Phật Thích Ca’s Day (to commemorate His Holiness Gautama Buddha) 

  • 8 Month 4: Bà Nữ Đầu-Sư Lâm-Hương-Thanh’s Day (to commemorate the first female Cardinal of Cao Đài Relgion) 

  • 10 Month 4: His Holiness Phạm Công Tắc’s Day (to commemorate the disincarnation of the Hộ-Pháp – Head of Legislative Affairs) 

  • 5 Month 5: Birthday Anniversary of His Holiness Phạm Công Tắc, Hộ-Pháp 

  • 11 Month 5: Bà Đầu-Sư Nguyễn-Hương-Hiếu’s Day

  • 22 May (Western Calendar): Đức Nguyệt-Tâm Chơn-Nhơn’s Day (to commemorate His Eminence Victor Hugo) 

  • 22 Month 5: Ngài Cao Tiếp-Đạo’s Day (to commemorate the late Religious Legislator)

  • 24 Month 6: Đức Quan-Thánh Đế-Quân’s Day (to commemorate His Holiness Kuan Sheng Ti Chun/Guan Sheng Di Jun, Kuan Kung/Guan Gong) 

  • 15 Month 7: Trung Ngươn Ceremony (Middle part of the year) 

  • 21 Month 7: Ngài Đầu-Sư Thái-Thơ-Thanh’s Day (to commemorate the late Cardinal Thái Thơ Thanh)

  • 15 Month 8: Hội-Yến Diêu-Trì (會宴瑤池宮 / The Diêu Trì Festival / The Mother Buddha’s Festival)

  • 18 Month 8: Đức Lý Giáo-Tông’s Day (to commemorate the Spiritual Pope Li T'ai Pai) 

  • 27 Month 8: Đức Khổng-Thánh’s Day (to commemorate His Holiness Confucius) 

  • 4 Month 9: Ngài Bảo-Văn Pháp-Quân’s Day (to commemorate the late Head of Cultural Affairs)

  • 7 Month 9: Ngài Nguyễn Bảo-Pháp’s Day (to commemorate the late Juridical Conservator)

  • 1 Month 10: Phối-Thánh Phạm-Văn-Màng’s Day (to commemorate Saint Phạm Văn Màng) 

  • 13 Month 10: His Holiness Thượng-Trung-Nhựt’s Day (to commemorate the First Caodaist Pope [interim]) 

  • 15 Month 10: Lễ Hạ-Ngươn Ceremony (the last period of year), and Commemoration of Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ / 大道三期普度 (Commemoration of the inauguration of the Cao Đài Religion) 

  • 19 Month 10: Ngài Ca Bảo-Đạo’s Day (note - 18 Month 12: Ngài Hồ Bảo Đạo’s Day, to commemorate the late Religious Conservator) 

  • 25 December (Western Calendar): His Holiness Jesus Christ’s Day (Christmas Eve) 

  • 24 Month 12: Đưa Chư Thánh Ceremony (departure of Divine Beings to Heaven)

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