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Caodai, divine eye, God







The Coming of God

What does 'Cao Đài' mean?

Vision & Mission

A Brief History

Unifying Principles

Religious Laws & Constitution

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Liturgical Calendar

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The Coming of God


Throughout human history, God the Father (The Supreme Being/ The Creator) has revealed His Truths many times. His Divine Messages have been translated through the words of many great prophets, but always these messages have been subject to human frailty. The Age has now come when He speaks to humanity directly.


The previous two Religious Amnesties saw the rise of Hinduism, Judaism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, etc. Caodaism as the embodiment of The Third Amnesty comes to unite the traditions of these Two Periods. It does so guided directly by God the Father and the Divine Beings.


One of the early messages received from Him went as follows,

“Formerly, people lacked transportation and therefore did not know each other. I then founded at different epochs and in different areas five branches of the Great Way...

In present days, transportation has been improved, and mankind has come to know each other. But you do not live in harmony because of the very multiplicity of those religions. That is why I have decided to unite all those religions into one to bring them to the primordial unity. Moreover, the Holy Doctrine has been, through centuries, more and more denatured by the people responsible for spreading it...

I have now firmly resolved to come Myself to save you and not to trust anymore the Holy Doctrine in human hands.”

(God the Master, Lunar Calendar - The twenty-first day of the first month Đinh Mão year, 

Western Calendar - 1926)


In the nineteenth century, Spiritism re-awoke the religious life of Europe. Great souls such as Madam Blavatsky, Alan Kardec, and Victor Hugo opened new vistas of religious possibility. In Vietnam, the age-old traditions of Asian divination and Taoist mediumship began to mix with the new traditions of European Spiritism. This intersection of Eastern and Western traditions brought about an evolutionary leap in humanity's spiritual quest. Thus, a strong communication link was established between Heaven and Earth. It was through this special link that God granted His Third Amnesty directly. Although it was announced to the humble nation of Vietnam, The Third Amnesty is a gift to all.

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