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Who is the Divine Mother?

"We have the Divine Mother who holds the power to create our visible bodies. The Supreme Being is the Father of our spirit...; the Divine Mother is the Mother of our form who bestows on us our energy; our earthly parents follow Her dharma to give birth to our physical body. The power to govern our bodies belongs to the Mother... I would like to attest that the Divine Mother has the same nature as our mother on earth, but with more love, care and protection."

(His Holiness Hộ Pháp - Head of the Legislative Body; 1947)

The Temple of Gratitude, the temporary house of worship for the Divine Mother

HH Hộ Pháp's  teachings about the Divine Mother

  1. Our relationship with the Divine Mother (PDF)

  2. The Diêu Trì Festival (PDF)

  3. The image of the Divine Mother (PDF)

  4. The power of the Divine Mother (PDF)

  5. The image of the Divine Mother on earth (PDF)

The altar of the Divine Mother with other Divine Beings in the Ninth Heaven


The Divine Mother
A Holy Book by Professor Christopher Hartney

The Divine Mother Sutra

The festival takes place annually on the 14-15th days of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. It is first and foremost to pay homage to the Divine Mother (Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu) and other Divine Beings, esp. the Nine Female Buddhas. It is also the time when the Divine Mother blesses Her pious children on their path to enlightenment. During this time, Cao Đài followers from many areas in Vietnam travel to the Holy See to partake in various celebrations including flower and fruit display, holy mass, holy procession, etc. 
In ancient times, kings like Wu of Han must build temples or high towers for the Divine Mother to receive such blessings. Now we are so blessed that we only have to go to Cao Đài Temples (e.g. the Holy See) to pray to Her.

Diêu Trì Festival

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