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UN Ceremony to promote the importance of World Interfaith Harmony Week​

  1. The search for peace and happiness (PDF)

  2. Peace Covenant (PDF)

  3. The Cao Đài Religion is the peace remedy (PDF)

  4. Harmony of the Universe (PDF)

  5. Universal fraternity - part 1 (PDF)

  6. Universal fraternity - part 2 (PDF)

  7. Compassion (PDF)

  8. Compassion & Justice (PDF)

  9. The governing law and power of the Universe (PDF)

  10. The Diêu Trì Festival (PDF)

  11. Our duty to the Mother Buddha (PDF)

  12. His Holiness Jesus Christ's Day (PDF)

  13. Divine versus secular talent (PDF)

  14. Mental suffering relief (PDF)

  15. Our #1 property on earth (PDF)

Sermons of His Holiness Hộ Pháp (Head of Legislative Affairs) on the topic of Peace

HH Ho Phap.jpg
Peace Map.jpg
World Peace Map 2018.jpg
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