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The Great Faith of the lofty Supreme Being brings Peace and Democracy

Ebook Download

Below are the foundational scriptures and introductory materials for download. There is still more work in progress to bring the Divine Messages and knowledge to the global community. In case you would like to learn more about the Faith, please send us a message on the Contact page or find a nearby Cao Đài community on the Cao Đài Temples page.

Bow to the Temples of the Third Amnesty and togerther enjoy Liberty

Caution: Once downloaded, your files must be kept in clean and pure places to preserve its holiness. Failure to do so will commit sins of sacrilege and blasphemy. On the contrary, those who revere and follow these messages will be blessed by the Divine..

Religious Laws

  • The New Canonical Codes (Online)

  • The Religious Constitution (Online)

  • The Eight Religious Decrees (Online)

Holy Scriptures

  • The Collection of Divine Messages -Volume I (Online)

  • The Collection of Divine Messages -Volume II (Online)

  • The Divine Path to Eternal Life (Online)

Learning materials

  • The Five Virtues (PDF)

  • Discussion on the Way (PDF)

  • An Outline of Caodaism (PDF)

  • History and Philosophy of Caodaism (PDF)

  • Teachings of the Great Way (Online)

  • The Path of a Cao Đài Disciple (PDF)

  • Twenty Four Examples of Filial Piety (PDF)


  • A Biographical Sketch of His Holiness Hộ Pháp (PDF)

  • The Life and Work of His Venerable Pham Cong Tac (PDF)

Scholar Papers

  • Address by Professor Eric J. Sharpe at the 5th Caodaist Convention (PDF)

  • Performing Dualism - Conference Paper by Professor Chris Hartney (PDF)

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