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The Great Faith of the lofty Supreme Being brings Peace and Democracy

The Holy See (Tòa Thánh) and the Holy City (Thánh Địa) as well as the original center of the Cao Đài Religion are in the province of Tây Ninh, Việt Nam. The Holy City, an area of about 20,328 hectares, is divided into 18 sections or neighborhoods and is administered by the Church. The Holy See is the site of the Main Temple, the administrative offices, residences for dignitaries and disciples working on the grounds, a hospital, a school, an orphanage, a home for the aged, and other major facilities.

Since 1975, the Holy See has fallen into the total control of the secular government and its false Sacerdotal Council. 

Aerial view of the Holy See

Bow to the Temples of the Third Amnesty and togerther enjoy Liberty
The Front and the Towers
The Divine Eye
The Maitreya Buddha
The Cao Đài Emblem
The Dragon Flower columns
Images of HUmanity
The Good & Bad Deities
The Divine Covenant
The Divine Eye
The Dragon Horse
The Three Gods
Worship time
The Scale of Justice
Inside view of the Holy See
The Divine Beings
The Eight Immortals
The Universal Globe
Dragon columns
The Diêu Trì Festival (Mid-autumn)
Statue of the Mother Buddha
The Altar inside the Temple of Gratitude
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