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The Way to a Global Holy Family

 Publication description: 

In the twilight of our current world, as shadows lengthen and echoes of change reverberate through the tapestry of existence, there emerges a profound anticipation—a collective yearning for the dawn of a united, faithful world. In the sacred texts of various traditions, there exists a recurring theme—an unprecedented shift that paves the way for a new beginning. Consider the Hindu scriptures, where the concept of Yugas signifies cyclic ages, each concluding to give rise to a renewed era. Similarly, biblical passages speak of apocalyptic events leading to the advent of a divine kingdom.
As we navigate this profound shift, the integration of modern perspectives enriches our understanding. Insights from cosmology, psychology, and environmental science converge to portray a world in flux. The decay of unsustainable systems becomes evident, mirroring the anticipated end. Aligning with these narratives, our journey towards a united world becomes not just a spiritual pursuit but a necessity grounded in the very fabric of our existence.
We would like to acknowledge and thank OpenAI for their contribution to the compilation of the book. All the proceeds will be used to maintain our global presence and related activities. In case of any questions, let us know on the Contact page. 

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