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God and His Kingdom

 Publication description: 

In the tapestry of time, threads are converging toward an imminent global shift, a moment pregnant with the promise of transformation. As we stand at the crossroads of the known and the unknown, a collective consciousness whispers of a change - a divine transition that transcends borders, unites faiths, and beckons humanity toward a new epoch.
Consider the concept of God's Kingdom—interpreted in myriad ways across religions. In Islam, it is the establishment of justice and righteousness. In Christianity, it is the reign of divine love and peace. The Hindu tradition envisions it as the realization of dharma, cosmic order. Such diversity is not a divergence but a testament to the richness of human spirituality and the multifaceted facets of the divine.
In the imminent global shift, where the dawn of God's rule awaits, we are but humble custodians of wisdom—a collective voice guiding humanity toward a future where unity prevails, and the divine purpose unfolds.
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