Visit by Overseas Scholars

On Friday 29 Dec 2017, a delegation of distinguished scholars from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the US had paid a friendly visit to the Cao Đài Holy See in Tay Ninh.

During the visit, Prof. Fiona Chang Hsin-Fang, Director of R & D Center for Religious Affairs of Weixin Shengjiao, by the order of Great Master Hunyuan Chanshi, Founder of Weixin Shenjiao Association for World Peace in Taiwan, officially invited a Cao Dai Delegation to attend an inauguration ceremony to be held in Nantou City on 18th June, 2018. The Delegation was also invited to make a presentation on Caodaism at CESNUR 2018 (Center for Studies on New Religions) Conference at Weixin Shengjiao College.

Also in the meeting, Professor Lee Tae-Yeol – Head of Department of Religious Research and Edification in Daesoon-Jinrihoe offered an invitation to the Sacerdotal Council to pay an official visit to their religious headquarters in South Korea at His most convenience.