The Supreme Being's Day

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

We apologize for this late post which should have been shared a month ago before the Supreme Being's Day on the 9th day of the 1st month in lunar calendar.

Almost a hundred years have passed since the Supreme Being/ God came to save living beings under the name of Cao Đài. That is, the Third Amnesty has lasted for nearly a century, and is coming to a close upon the End of the third Cycle. As the name suggests, living beings, especially humans, have been trapped in the rebirth cycle and hell for thousands of years not only because of the Devil's wicked games but also because of human's frailty and ignorance. Now our Great Merciful Father has come to stay with us for eternity on the condition that we submit ourselves with all our heart, all our mind, and all our strength to Him. To love Him is to love all His children and Creation. Although He would deeply love for all His children to wake up and be redeemed, reality shows a very different picture. So many are still straying into the sea of delusion, falling prey to His enemy who has been granted the right to seduce and abduct the weak of mind and soul.

Far back in 1948, His Holiness Ho Phap (Head of the Legislative Body/ the Guardian of the Dharma) expressed his deep sorrows as follows:

"In the middle of the twentieth century when mankind has forgotten the (true) Tao, He advocated peace as the focal point of spiritual virtue from the East. He continuously beats the Loi Am drum and chimes the Bach Ngoc bell, but mankind plays deaf and blind to His salvation body. He brought to them the Holy Spirit which will resurrect them upon the land of death, but they have yet woken up to protect their lives... Due to divisive minds, they suffer mutual killing and destruction today."

When our Great Merciful Father wanted to reincarnate again to exchange His throne for His children's salvation, His pious Divine children (i.e. the Divine Beings) in Heaven stepped up in His place. Alas, just like the Apostles of old, they were railed against, belittled, blasphemed, arrested, exiled, tortured, murdered... Reincarnation into the lowly but virtuous Vietnamese nation has subjected them to all sorts of discrimination, oppression, and persecution. Neither have they complained nor given in, even more than half a century after the mass exodus, because they know full well that they have been blessed by our Father to be the sacrifice for the redemption of humanity.

We would like to proclaim widely that the Four Divine Horsemen have arrived and left their eternal, holy, invincible imprint in this world which shields us all against the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Their immense and unfathomable love for God and living beings shall be hailed all over the universe. Their shining acts of justice, virtue and exemplariness shall guide our world to the promised kingdom. They were the leaders and founders of the Cao Dai Faith, including:

His Holiness Thuong Trung Nhut -

the former acting Pope, who is the Great Immortal Li Tieguai incarnate;

His Holiness Ho Phap -

Head of the Legislative Body, who is Vi Ho incarnate (a second-gen disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun), and later the Suryavarman II (the King of Angkor)

His Holiness Thuong Pham -

Head of Spiritual Affairs, who is the Great Immortal Zhongli Quan incarnate,

or King Wu of Han

His Holiness Thuong Sanh -

Head of Temporal Affairs, who is the Great Immortal Lü Dongbin incarnate

The words of these Divine Teachers must now be reiterated that the Cao Dai Religion is the only cure for all the ills in this world, and the only peace remedy for mankind. The Cao Dai Way is the only one for us to enter His Kingdom on earth and in Heaven.

We would like to appeal to leaders around the world to immediately help stop the current violence and cruelty against the innocent and pious, and to spread the true teachings of God to all the nations. Love and justice are the first and foremost commandments of all religions, which unite all the peoples of the world. Let us speak His words far and wide to fill the entire humanity with His Holy Spirit/ Buddha-nature/ Shen/ Atman/ Truth.

The next step will be to stare Devil in the face so as to triumph in the battle of light versus darkness. We will wait until world leaders pledge to abide by and take actions in accordance with these commandments, before showing you the true nature of darkness.

May God bless us all!

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