The Return of the Horseman

The Tomb of the Horseman (which houses a fake corpse set up by local authorities)

After disincarnation, the Divine Horseman foretold that he would return but did not disclose where. If you would like to recall or know who he is, find him in a legacy post. Before leaving the world, he was in pain over its trials and tribulations brought about by opposing ideological powers. The most powerful of all were named capitalism and communism which were led by uncle S's and comrade L's forces respectively. Tragically, their conflicts were not resolved peacefully but spread to their lured victims. These victims were consequently torn apart and perpetually wounded.

As a typical example, Vietnam was severed and maimed for decades by their war. It culminated in the exodus of more than a million Southerners to their dreamlands and the reign of a nightmarish regime over the rest. Those who stayed were either killed, robbed, imprisoned, or otherwise terrorized. (History, 2021) They were then 're-educated' and watched their children brainwashed and enslaved one by one. When the regime squandered all its confiscated riches, it cooked up a reform called 'doi moi'. (Hong, 2009) It shook hands with its past opponents, inviting them to return to feast on its victims. In return, these opponents-turned-allies have provided various aids to help perpetuate their mutually lucrative games.

Without anyone to liberate them, the victims keep diving into the games devised by the regimes and their allies. Let us examine who can continue the Horseman's work during his absence. It may also provide hints about his return.

The most admired countries

U.S. News in collaboration with other institutions conducts annual rankings of countries based on a wide range of different factors including Adventure, Agility, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power, Social Purpose, and Quality of Life. These factors are weighted by their correlation with GDP at PPP per capita. Although this method promotes wealth accumulation, the rankings will be used here as an expedient means to identify the so-called best countries as perceived by poll takers around the world.

The 2021 report presents the results for the top ten countries as follows:

A very well-known country, Canada ranks first thanks especially to its quality of life, social purpose, agility, and openness for business. It is perceived to have a good job market, be economically stable, be politically stable, and build well-developed education and healthcare systems. Its purpose is associated with human rights, social justice, racial equity, freedom, and distributed power. Its modern, progressive, and non-corrupt society is highly respected.

Japan, on the other hand, is famous for its entrepreneurship, cultural influence, and power. Its innovation, technology expertise, skilled and educated population, and infrastructure are regarded as the best in the world. As a result, it exerts a strong influence on the global economy. Similarly, Germany is often respected as an economic power with thriving entrepreneurship. It particularly has strong ties and alliances with many other countries both economically and politically.

The U.S. has slightly slipped from its past glory in the eyes of global citizens for several reasons. The pandemic has been particularly devastating in many respects, coupled with aggravating issues of tensions and inequities. The previous administration is thought to have closed it off from the rest of the world. Its policies and transparency are rather unfavorable to outsiders.

The Best Leaders

An ongoing poll run by Morning Consult collects public opinions in many countries. It tracks the approval ratings of state leaders on a weekly basis. The results for the week of May 18-24 came out as follows:

Among the top three countries, only Japan's PM Fumio Kishida achieves a positive net rating which is tempered by a high proportion of disapproval. One source attributed his election to his moderate standing in the dominant Democrat Party (DW, 2021). It also highlighted his promise to reduce economic inequality, public debt, and social burdens through a new type of capitalism. His administration's success in tackling the pandemic was viewed favorably by the public as initial measures were taken at the right time (Kyodo, 2021). When stringent control was prolonged, these measures were criticized for being ineffective and stifling economic growth (Yamaguchi, 2022). Easing restrictions were therefore well received by the public (Kodo News, 2022).

As the President of the no.1 superpower, Joe Biden has been seeing his popularity decline ever since the delta surge in 2021. Lopez (2022) pinpointed this as the key reason for the decline. Because the pandemic had been traumatic for the entire nation and the president promised to stop it first and foremost, failure to fully deliver has resulted in both disappointment and loss of trust. To complicate the issue, a large proportion of the population still refuse to be vaccinated. While COVID is no longer the biggest concern, economic issues now bring the most woes (Agiesta and Edwards-Levy, 2022). Despite a low unemployment rate and good growth, inflation has been rising especially after the Ukraine crisis. A sweeping majority of Americans are pessimistic about the economy as they have to cut back on many expenses.

Two PMs stand out with very high levels of net ratings. Swedish PM, Magdalena Andersson, won public support not only because she is the right person for the role but also because she has been taking actions to strengthen diplomatic ties and protect the country from imminent threats. Meanwhile, Narendra Modi has been appealing to India's Hindu identity with exemplary acts of spiritual and national devotion (Times of India, 2021; IndiaToday, 2022).

The Horseman's Choice

He has nearly two hundred options to choose from for the return. Although the most highly ranked countries may look very tempting for a regular person, he has his very own way. Japan was once a destination for his desired study because of its well-preserved oriental heritage, but today's Japan has become highly technologized and capitalized. Canada's diversity may give him a place in its purposeful society, but it is also highly capitalized and mostly occidentalized. Despite being well-governed, Sweden and India still seem detached from his mission. The following possibilities can further be considered:

  • He can find a place among the exodus diaspora in America which is inclusive of his many disciples. While their temples are either dwarfed or alienated by the high-rise walls of the 'b-bosses' and 'c-suites', they can hope to freely practice their tradition regardless of the upheavals of the 'board' games.

  • He can again choose Vietnam where his congregation is waiting for resurrection. While their holy temple may no longer be holy, they can at least find comfort in familiar places that are overrun with yellow-star puppets in white outfits.

Either way, he will have to make a difficult choice and be prepared for a rocky ride through the dark lairs and jungles of the -isms. Whether he will rise above them and clear the Way to liberate us or (again) be annihilated by the beasts - all remains to be seen. Meanwhile, who among the leaders of this world will ever make sacrifices to join his ride!

Lands of -isms. Credit: Mortier's Bible. Phillip Medhurst Collection


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