New College Course in Cao Dai

In November 2020, Dr. Michael Wesch delivered a lecture on Cao Dai as part of the Introduction to the World's Religions Course at Kansas State University. "In Vietnam, so this probably is one of the most fascinating and interesting religions I’ve ever seen.” This event marked a significant milestone in higher education on the new religion, thanks to the high distinction of professor Michael Wesch.

This new course adds to the growing array of college programs that introduce the Cao Dai Religion to students around the world:

  • The University of Southern California, Dr. Janet Hoskin - a long-time scholar in the CDR with multiple publications and papers focusing on the Cao Dai diaspora,

  • The University of Sydney, Dr. Christopher H. Hartney - also a long time scholar in the CDR with multiple publications and papers covering various aspects from esoteric to exoteric doctrines,

  • The University of Missouri, Dr. Signe Cohen - a respected scholar in Asian religions

  • The Graduate Theological Union - a consortium of eight private independent American theological schools in Berkeley, California,

  • The University of Vienna, Professor Lukas Pokorny - a respected scholar in philosophy and religion,

  • The University of Dhaka, Mr. Shafi Mustafa - a pioneering scholar in religion at his institution.