International Meeting during Oomoto Summer Festival

On the occasion of His Holiness Onisaburo Deguchi’s birthday, Co-Founder of Oomoto Religion and Oomoto Miroku Grand Summer Festival, Jinrui Aizenkai (known by its English name, Universal Love and Brotherhood Association or ULBA) hosted an International Meeting for Spritiual Representatives – Towards the Great Assembly of All Saints, between August 5th and August 7th, 2017 at Oomoto Headquarters in Kameoka, Kyoto, Japan. In parallel to this meeting, a Shinto ceremony (Zuisei Taisai)  was also conducted as well as the Oomoto Poetry Festival, offering a prayer for world peace.

There were approximately 200 participants in this event, including 38 international guests representing 11 organisations and religions from 10 different countries such as Cao Đai Religion in Vietnam, Tao Yuan in Taiwan, Won Buddhism in South Korea, Islam from Syria and other ULBAs in Mongolia, Brazil, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand.

In his greeting speech, on behalf of Her Highness Oomoto Spiritual Leader Kurenai Deguchi,  Rev. Eiichi Suzuki, President of ULBA and Chief Director of Oomoto emphasized, “We are children of God and children from God, we must abolish all kinds of great barriers, tangible and intangible, throughout the world…In order to remove these barriers, we must first begin by eliminating the tangible barrier. This explains the importance of mutual understanding between religious groups to realize world peace. The sources of these barriers come from egoism and selfishness”.

In his presentation, a Cao Đài speaker agreed with the goal and objective of the meeting, which is to reaffirm the ideology of Brotherhood (Jinrui-Banrui-Aizen) and Bankyo-Dokon, longing for Peace and Happiness of all humankind on Earth.   

Then, the Keynote Speaker, His Excellency Samir Issa Ibrahim Naouri, the Former Ambassador of Jordan talked about mission and role of Japanese for the peace of the Middle East. He suggested the possibility of Japanese tradition and spirituality may contribute to the peace of the Middle East. He emphasized that “though there are different races, skin colours, languages, cultures and religions, humanity could enjoy eternal peace if universal love is the core solution of all disputes”.

The Cao Đai delegation also met with and introduced Cao Đai Religion to other religious representatives and called for closer cooperation between all religions. Other religious reprentatives from Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Brazil and other countries expressed their wish to pay an official visit to Vietnam and Tay Ninh Cao Đai Holy See and wish to receive Cao Đai Representatives in their countries in the near future.