HWPL Celebrations of Peace Advancements

Location: Anaheim, LA

Reported by Her Eminent Tuy Nguyen

On that day, the guests of honor, the volunteers, and the people from all walks of life gathered together for a single purpose: uniting for peace. The emotions ran high; the enthusiastic atmosphere broke through every silent soul and heart, the energy of Peace burst with the expression of explosive applauses. I felt Peace and Harmony in the air and in the hearts of the thousands of people who were present on that day...

I was the first speaker of the event representing the Religion of Cao Đài... It was an honor for me to be part of this celebration. I mentioned the Doctrine of Caodaism - TAM GIÁO QUI NGUYÊN - NGŨ CHI HIỆP NHẤT. Cao Đài declares all true religious traditions are from God, the Supreme Being, through the iconic symbol of The Divines from great world religious traditions engraved in the most sacred place of Cao Đài Temple, the Bát Quái Đài. It is the symbol of the Holiness World Alliance of Religious Traditions. I have expressed my experience with HWPL and WARP offices. In the past few years, I have faithfully come to many of the WARP Offices and have witnessed twice the Peace Summits in South Korea where many influential leaders of faith and nations, and thousands of youths, gather for a single purpose: uniting for peace. As for the hope of world peace, WARP offices are a powerful tool to gather religious leaders together to examine and compare different religious scriptures. I’ve found excerpts containing prophecy of peace in Islam, Sikhism, especially in the Christian Bible that provides us with a clear idea of what to expect, showing us methods to achieve peace: it is by uniting all religions under one God. I called for volunteers of HWPL to continue to advance forward and shine the light of peace until it reaches every corner on the Earth.

For more details of the event, please visit this page: https://goo.gl/kgf7oR