Happy Lunar New Year!

In the joyous atmosphere, this post will be light-hearted and celebrative. The Cao Đài Religion celebrates the Lunar New Year not only because it is a long-time Asian tradition but also because its origin is related to a Primordial Immortal - Hongjun Laozu. His image can be found in one of the holiest places in the Holy See.

Here is something interesting to learn:

Someone to love and miss:

Some wisdom to contemplate on:

Some Holy words to keep in mind:

"There is but one God for this universe of impermanence,

Human beings, like grains of sand upon the firmament.

When caressed by still water, they are content and composed;

Caught by storm and wave, their peace is dashed against stones.

Having been spun on the karmic wheel without cessation,

In pursuit of self-cultivation, they will escape from reincarnation.

Yet behold from the South land gusts a fair wind,

The age of the redeeming Tao about to begin."

(God's Divine Message, 1927)

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