Cao Đài Course at Dhaka University

The BA in World Religions and Culture at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh aims to develop students' knowledge and critical understanding of the different aspects of religions and to cultivate intellectual skills such as the ability to evaluate different interpretations of the faiths and facts on the basis of historical, sociological, psychological, anthropological, philosophical, and theological approaches.

The University of Dhaka, for example, took this initiative first in 2004 with two research projects on the Cao Đài Religion while two M Phil researchers named Mr. Mohammad Jahangir Alam and Mr. Md. Shaikh Farid produced wonderful dissertations on two different topics and they were awarded a degree in 2009. Subsequently, the Department of World Religions and Culture has introduced a regular course on Dao Cao Dai entitled The Cao Dai Religious Tradition since the academic year 2005-2006.

Professor Kazi Nurul Islam said that the former President of Bangladesh, Mr. Iajuddin Ahmed, requested him to add the Cao Đài course into the curriculum after meeting with a Cao Đài delegation.

Vienna University on Austria has also launched a Cao Đài course as part of the MA degree in Religious Studies.