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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Homo-sapiens have evolved over millennia to become the dominant species on earth. They have invented ways to fly from one continent to another and even to other planets. They can now go to the deepest depths of the ocean to study the lives of various creatures. What seems missing from their learning is how to be truly human. If they learn from Darwin, it is the survival of the fittest among the apes. For philosophers, the homo-sapien brain and complex rationality are highly valued. They have gone to great lengths to answer the perennial question.

Despite their long existence, human civilizations have only flourished in occasional peace for around two to three millennia. As we went through ups and downs, many invaluable lessons have been learned and unlearned. Even the most influential ones are now remembered vaguely through the names of their teachers - the Saints in the West and the Sages in the East. Along with their fading legacies, meek humans are at risk of extinction under the conquests of mighty homo-sapiens (abbr. homo).