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Divine Messages from God


The Divine messages here were delivered by God at the start of the previous century. God came to us just before the tragic World War in order to warn us of the imminent disaster. He also aimed to teach us the truths of the Tao and the Universe. Secrets revealed in this book should help instill the Holy Spirit in each of us so we are wakened to the delusional progress of the materialistic civilization. The End time is coming as humanity continues to head towards ignorance and lack of faith. On the other hand, the multiplicity of religions is also causing discord among different groups of faith. God would like to unite us all this time into one family of the same Father. The world will become one under His guidance where we will be blessed with lasting peace and happiness. Although this edition may not be a perfect translation of the original messages in Vietnamese, we hope that you will find enlightenment from the sacred and precious truths.

You can read the messages here, or visit our library main page for the full seriesTo view the messages on this page, please click on the images below.

1. Divine Message of God, introducing Himself and announcing the names of the twelve disciples

2. Spiritism and Automatic writing

3. Unity, Cooperation and the Glorifying of the Way

4. A Divine Poem

5. The Veneration of Heaven and of the Divine Eye

6. Truth and Falsehood

7. Who is God

8. Shakyamuni Buddha merges Buddhism into the Great Faith

9. Canonization and Oaths

10. The Primordial Creation of Five Branches of the Great Faith

12. Guidance for All Beings

13. The Holy Spirit in the earthly world

14. Shakyamuni Buddha comes to save living beings under the name Cao Dai Tien Ong Dai Bo Tat Ma Ha Ta

15. A Divine message in French

17. School of Merit

19. The Female College

20. The Precious Gift of Vegetarianism

21. Divine Eternal Life

22. Cultivating Virtue

23. Sin of the flesh

24. The School of God

25. Armour of Virtue

26. Oath Taking

26.2 The Three Lords of Three Religions

26.3 Sin of greed

27. Divine Family

28. Modesty

29. The Universal Globe & The Universe

32. Promulgation

33. Science

34. Religious Hierarchy

35. Frugality

36. Dharma

38. Message of Love

39. His Holiness Li Po and Justice

48. Virtuous Cultivation in the mid of degradation

50. Sincere Service

50. Praying

50. The Spiritual Evolution of the Universe

52. Hierarchy, richness and fame

54. The New Canonical Codes

55. The Home Altar

56. The Tao

57. Sufferings and Renunciation

59. Precept against intoxication

62. The Final Judgment

63. Time to Repent

65. Universal Fraternity

75. The Holy Spirit

76. Merit and Enlightenment

77. Perseverence

78. Self-reliance

81. Divine Justice

83. A Last Word

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