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The Divine Path to Eternal Life

Throughout the thirty-five speeches, His Holiness Hộ-Pháp Phạm Công Tắc guides his audience to travel towards the divine realms and begin to comprehend the mysteries of the subtle soul.
Along the way, he explains how those intellectual souls who lack faith in the religions of the world can break free from the prisons of their thinking. It shows how they can seek and understand the profound nature of the invisible and the higher worlds. It shows how we can all better understand The Divine Law.
Indeed, these speeches ma
ke for an essential guidebook for all souls. Especially those who feel it is time to become interested in life on the other side of that ‘reality’ we think we know. It is a vital text for those who would like to reach heaven. In the following speeches, His Holiness takes us on a spiritual journey through life and death. This text will inevitably spark the interest of all students of Truth and all seekers of the Tao.

You can read most of the text here, or visit our library main page for the full version.

1.1 What is the Divine Path to Eternal Life

1. What is the Divine Path to Eternal Life (Cont.)

2. The Realm of Arrival/ Departure

3. The Eight-trigram Palace

4.1 Inside the Eight-trigram Palace

4.2 Male and Female spirits

5. The Paradise of Extreme Joy

6. The Mother Buddha

7. An ocean of suffering

8.1 The mystery of the Eight-trigram Palace

8.2 The Realm of Government over Humans

9.1 The Last Judgment - The Dragon Flower Assembly

9.2 Sustainable Sovereignty

10.1 Human Constituents

10.2 Karma & Salvation

11.1 The Search for Happiness

11.2 How to Attain Happiness

12. The Thorny Issues of Religions

13. Faith

14. The Shared Mission of Religions

15. The Dharma of Altruism

16. The law of Love and the right of Justice

20.1 Our Divine Extended Family

20.2 Creation

21. Angel and Animal

24.1 Who is the Divine Judge?

24.2 Divine Punishment

25.1 The Realm of Resurrection

25.2 The Governing Power of the Universe

26. Family Lineage

28.1 The Court of God

28.2 The Image of God

29. Reward and Punishment

30.1 The Paradise of Extreme Joy (Pure Land)

30.2 Buddhahood and Love

31. Nirvana

32. The True Physiognomy of Nirvana

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