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God and Humanity

Love and Justice

About us

Who we are

The information about Caodaism in this page is compiled by worldwide Caodaists and scholars who would like to share their knowledge and insights in the Cao-Đài Religion with those who are pursuing religious information or cultivation. Due to the present circumstances in Vietnam, an official permission from the Sacerdotal Council (Hoi-Thanh), the Tay Ninh Holy See, cannot be obtained. For better understanding and practice, the readers should consult other materials in the library section.


The Cao Đài Religion's vision is ours - to unite humanity into one Family and one Religion with the ultimate aim of bringing universal and eternal peace and joy to the worlds. 

To this aim, we also must unite with God who is the Father and Master of all beings in the Universe.



We consider it our duty to spread the authentic words or messages of the Divine to the entire world. As you learn from these words, we hope that your pure soul will come alive with love, justice and wisdom. 

Let us spread this forward, because there is not much time left before the Judgement Day. 

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